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Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator is a recovery software tool for damaged or corrupted Adobe Illustrator data files (*.ai files).

How to repair an Illustrator file

The manual for the repair of a corrupt Adobe Illustrator drawing project. How to repair a damaged *.ai file from Illustrator:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator from here:
  2. Install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator on your computer
  3. Start Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
  4. Please select a damaged AI file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
  5. Select file name for new recovered file
  6. Press on Save file button
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How to repair Illustrator *.ai corrupted files

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator is an Adobe Illustator repair file tool for recovering data from damaged *.ai files.

Features of the Adobe Illustrator repair tool:

  • Repair damaged Illustrator files (all versions)
  • Uses artificial intelligence for graphical content reconstruction and integrity checking
  • Contains many specific fixes for logical errors caused by erroneous functioning of graphics editors
  • Uses data swapping during recovery to save memory
  • Saves recovered data into a new Illustrator file
  • Repairs the Post Script data part of an Illustrator project
  • AI Viewer Tool for corrupted Adobe Illustrator files
  • Displays and repairs data from damaged Adobe Illustrator *.ai files
  • Displays, recovers and saves information from corrupted AI (Adobe Illustrator) files

Adobe Illustrator data file repair tool helps to repair ai file (all versions). Just download and install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator to repair Illustrator files. The damaged .ai file repair software download is available 24/7. Along with the software, we offer technical support by email for 1 year after your purchase of the AI Repair Tool.

Reliable software for Adobe Illustrator recovery

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator recovers damaged illustrations of AI format in case of data corruption. This tool represents the best option of Illustrator recovery that fixes many data corruption threats regardless of their severity.

The online service works on any computer or tablet, regardless of the OS in use. However, the offline version works under OS Windows only. Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator application works as follows:

  1. Download it from here:
  2. Install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
  3. Start it and choose a file of AI format for analysis
  4. Initiate the recovery process and wait for its completion
  5. Preview the results of Illustrator recovery and save it locally
  6. Open the recovered file in Adobe Illustrator and keep on working with it

DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator has some restrictions, users may preview the results of Illustrator recovery, but it is not possible to save recovered data. Check the recovery in the demo mode of Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator. In case of a successful recovery, you can purchase the license to remove restrictions of the free version and save restored illustrations to your hard disk.

How to Open a Corrupted AI File for Free

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator allows you to open a damaged AI file in the Adobe Illustrator graphic project and display a list of objects and data found in the file on the program page. Furthermore, it is possible to export the recovered data from an open AI file to a new *.ai file, which you can then work within Adobe Illustrator.

How to Restore an Illustrator Project

To restore damaged Illustrator graphic projects, you can use the latest backup or try to use Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator. With a high probability, Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator can recover data from AI files to their original state before corruption. To test this statement, it is necessary to:

  1. Download, install, and run the DEMO version of Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator.
  2. Select a damaged .ai file.
  3. Run the analysis of the damaged AI file.
  4. Review the list of recovered objects in the program.
  5. Export the recovered data to a new graphic project Illustrator - available in a full version.

How to Fix an AI File

If you need to fix the AI file of a damaged Illustrator project quickly, then Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator will allow you to do this in a couple of clicks. Fixing AI files occurs by copying and fixing data from the damaged .ai file to a new Illustrator project. The tool doesn’t fix or modify the existing AI file. All data transfers to a new corrected AI file.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above


Just install Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator and use the DEMO version to check whether the file can be recovered.


A copy of data in the Post Script format is often saved in the source project in addition to the Illustrator format for compatibility purposes. Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator repairs and saves each data format to a separate file:

  • Adobe Illustrator to .ai files
  • Post Script to .pdf files

In some cases, the program manages to save more data to a .pdf file. You can verify it by opening the file in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. In this case, it's even more convenient to convert the .pdf file to the .ai format using any suitable converter. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Open the .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Save the file in the .ps or .eps format
  3. Open the saved file(s) in Adobe Illustrator
  4. Save the project to an .ai file


Since, as a result of recovery, it is sometimes possible to recover data in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf files) more than in .ai form (Adobe Illustrator), users must convert PDF files to AI files correctly.

What is the reason that the restored .pdf file is larger than the restored .ai file? The .pdf file is larger due to the added compatibility of Adobe Illustrator files with other Adobe products. You can undo this compatibility manually and reduce the size of files with Adobe Illustrator graphic projects. But this is not very convenient in subsequent work with the file of the graphic project Adobe Illustrator. It is convenient to use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF files to AI files. So, to convert PDF to AI:

  1. Open the restored .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat
  2. Select – File | Save as…
  3. Specify the file type – Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)
  4. Click – Settings... button
  5. In the Range section, select – All
  6. Click – OK
  7. Click – Save
  8. Open saved .eps file(s) in Adobe Illustrator
  9. Select – File | Save as… in the main menu
  10. Now select File Type, indicate Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)
  11. Click – Save button

Converting PDF to AI can also be done using third-party services or special tools.

Please select a damaged AI file on first page of repair wizard in Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator

Select file name for new recovered file

Press on Save file button

Selection of the damaged file

Analysis of the file and data recovery

Saving the recovered data

Viewing the log of performed operations

Customer's reviews and ratings:
mjpirizg 02-24-2023

An archive of Illustrator+PDF files was sent instead of one Illustrator file. The Illustrator file would not open. The PDF file opened and contained the lost project. I had to convert PDF -> Illustrator via Adobe Acrobat. Why can't the service convert PDF -> Illustrator right away?

Francesca Day 03-22-2021

Unfortunately, the repaired file is the result of a previous versions of the file. As support explained, they did not see the new elements that I named them. It looks like Adobe Illustrator tried to save the changes, but could not and simply broke the file.

Hoydenism 02-08-2021

The once previously saved work file began to open slowly due to its large size. Adobe still cannot fix this error when the file grows due to different properties of the elements. Have to resort to a fix to clean up the garbage in the .ai file.

Kylo Keaton 01-13-2021

Attention! It is advisable to install the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. I ran into a problem when my computer was infected with a virus that corrupts all files. After repairing, I was unable to open the file as I had the Illustrator CS4 version. Technical support asked to update Illustrator to a more recent version, since they already had my file open. If you are using an old version of AI, then it is advisable to update it.

GoogleDoogle 12-28-2020

Fixed a bug in the file "Unknown file format" Adobe Illustrator. If not for Youtube, I probably would not have been able to get the rest of the picture from the PDF. By the way, to get the rest of the drawing, you do not need to use Adobe Acrobat, you can import ALL pages of the .PDF file into Illustrator.

Emily Howard 12-15-2020

At the first stage of the program, I indicated the path to the damaged file. At the second stage, the recovery process began. At the third stage, I saved the corrected file. You make a program so convenient that even I figured it out. Alexandra is 54 years old.

Elly William 08-10-2020

If your drawing grows into a huge drawing that weighs more than 800MB, then soon you will receive an error: "unreadable format" when you opens the .ai file again. I expected the file to be corrupted, but forgot to make a backup for the last changes. As a result, today I received my "surprise", the file was damaged. I have fixed the file before, but today I encountered the fact that the repaired file was split into .ai, .pdf. I didn't know that you can get elements in vector format from PDF.

August Grayson 08-01-2020

I was surprised that even the autosaved drawing broke after Illustrator CS5 crashed. I can't say anything about the program, but if it works the same way as online repair (although there may be a difference, since the price is different), then it was difficult for me to deliver parts of the image from PDF.

BunkhrinBamboo 07-15-2020

Is it possible to completely repair my damaged drawing? In the trial version of the application, the file is fixed, but part of the vector graphics is missing there. Please tell me, if I saved without compatible with PDF, will the program be able to recover the rest of the elements? Judging by the comments, the program restores part of drawing in PDF format, I would like to get an answer.

Telarian 06-29-2020

My file was saved with errors, because of which this one stopped opening. The program helped to restore the previously saved version of the file, but shadows for the texts has been deleted

Cenobite 06-15-2020

Adobe Illustrator say that "file is damaged", and it could not be opened. After I get recovered file .AI and .PDF, I was confused because I have not Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat program on my PC. I had to use a third-party service to convert .PDF to .AI, because .PDF file was large then .AI. P.S Some elements are restored as separate layers during convert

Samizdat 06-01-2020

The Illustrator file recovery utility does its job, but be prepared that after fixing, in your project some vector elements will change in size. In my project, the sizes of some elements were different from the original size, and some fonts became standard. My file was damaged with the eternal problem of Adobe Illustrator when saving, in the end I managed to recover at least some part.

Trippines 04-13-2020

I recovered the Illustrator document from the cache, but when I open the file, I get the error message "The file is damaged and cannot be repaired." The error appeared after I tried to save the .AI file and Adobe Illustrator crashed. The program can restore drawing, but if you want to restore Post Script, you also need to install Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. It would be better if the .PS, .EPS or .PDF file was converted automatically.

Velleweek 03-02-2020

When I try to open the .AI file, Adobe Illustrator crashes. Other files open normally, but this damaged file causes the program to crash. The old version of AI also wont open this file. If I try to fix the Illustrator file with your program and it wont to open, can I get a refund? P.S > In the demo, I see my recovered file, but still please reply.

AlfredHitchcock 02-17-2020

I received a “file is corrupt and cannot be restored” error in a file that I have been working on for a long time. Everything went wrong and I could not open the file. Thanks to the developers for this tool for repairing a damaged .ai document, with the help of which I was able to recover part of my damaged work. Perhaps all the effects and many other things will be expanded in the same way as mine, but it will save you time.

Ryan 01-14-2020

Was working on a low-poly self portrait for UCLA when my computer shut down. File was damaged and not able to be recovered by illustrator. Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator online tool recovered the file and all of its components. Very grateful, and they did a great job! Will recommend to anyone else in the design space that needs files recovered!

Domi 04-01-2019

I'm impressed. I had a blue screen of death while saving a very complicated illustration. The situation was strange because the laptop was serviced three months ago and this should not happen. Unfortunately, the illustrator's file was damaged and I could not get help anywhere, the program did not make a copy even though it normally saves files when there is a sudden closing of the program. Data recovery took some time, but it was worth it. Thanks a lot!

Stive 12-15-2017

My project from Illustrator CC was repaired in 2 versions: .ai + .pdf files. Thanks!!!


Program started working under my weak machine. A little issue with starting tool after long working.

FRENCIS 06-01-2013

Tool resolved old problem with corrupted .ai files. Now I can see on my pictures everyday. Application doesn't support all version of adobe Illustrator. A good application if you have a lot of images, drawings on the PC. Once they can be lost and tool must help you to get data back.